Began Japanese calligraphy since age 6, I loved to draw characters from a young age and started to learn western calligraphy in my college days. After worked at the advertising company, resolved to go to UK to specialized western calligraphy in 1999. Gained HND in calligraphy, illumination and heraldic art at the Reigate School of Art and Design. Received the award for outstanding achievement in calligraphy from the scriveners company.
Worked for London Scribes afterward, where I had valued experiences of calligraphy business with many clients. Had my first solo exhibition in London in 2004.
Have been working as a freelance calligrapher, teaching workshops based in Japan. I enjoy my passion for every calligraphic lines of our beautiful world, believing calligraphy spirit transcends national boundaries.
Fellow of the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society (FCLAS)
Director of NPO Japan Letter Arts Forum
BOOKS: AUTOMATIC PEN (Calligraphy Books), 2008 / CALLIGRAPHY BOOK(Author Minako Sando) Co-Authord 2011


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1997 Japan Calligraphy Association Exhibition (Tokyo)
1998 Japan Calligraphy Association Exhibition (Tokyo)
1999.3 Japan Calligraphy Net-Work Exhibition (Tokyo)
2001.9 Reigate College of Art Diploma Show (UK Surrey)
2002.10 SLLA Annual Exhibition (UK London)
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2003.5 Haiku Exhibition at Brighton Festival (UK Brighton)
2003.10 SLLA Annual Exhibition (UK London)
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2004.10 SLLA Annual Exhibition (UK London)
2004.10 The First Solo Show (UK London)
2004 Living Letters “Celebrating ten years of excellence”/CLAS (UK Surrey)
2005.7 Japan Calligraphy Net-Work Exhibition (Tokyo)
2005.10 Showed 10 new pieces at the Typography Conference (UK London)
2006.7 Calligraphers Guild Exhibition (Tokyo)
2006.10 The Kazui Press Exhibition (Tokyo)
2007.6 Kobe Calligraphy Forum Exhibition (Kobe)
2007.7 Japan Calligraphy Net-Work Exhibition (Tokyo)
2007.8 East Writes West /J-LAF (BELGIUM Bruges)
2008.3 Calligraphy Class Exhibition “across time and space”(Tokyo)
2008.7 Calligraphers Guild Exhibition (Tokyo)
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2009.10 Calligraphy & Illumination Class Exhibition (Tokyo)
2009.11 Living Letters 3 “Small Objects of Desire”/CLAS (Uk Surrey))
2010.3 Calligraphy Exhibition in Hokkaido (Hokkaido)
2010.10 Calligraphers Guild Exhibition (Tokyo)
2011.6 International Calligraphy & Letter Arts Exhibition (IRELAND Dublin)
2011.6 The 90th Anniversary of SSI, Celebrate Calligraphy (UK London)
2011.6 Kobe Calligraphy Forum Exhibition (Kobe)
2012.3 ”The Art of Lettering” Exhibition (Tokyo)
2012.7 Calligraphers Guild Exhibition (Tokyo)
2013.3 Calligraphy Class Exhibition “beyond the words” (Tokyo)
2013.7 Calligraphy Exhibition in Kagurazaka (TOKYO)
2013.10 Living Letters 5“Writing on the edge”/CLAS (UK London)
2013.10 Kobe Calligraphy Forum Exhibition FINALE (Kobe)